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If you've stumbled across the page, chances are you know what an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer is. This is not to be confused with herbal vaporizers.

Here's an interesting note about that: for the longest time, the community called personal vaporizers "e-cigarettes" or "e-cigs". I believe that nowadays, they are moving towards the word "vape" as to not confuse the uneducated public that gets up-in-arms when they hear the word "cig". Vape is certainly more accurate, but the marijuana community has been using that word for far longer than the e-cigarette community. I personally do not have a preference and you will be hearing that word used interchangeably.

Nothing is actually being smoked, but rather, vaporized. Furthermore, it is inaccurate to call these devices a "cigarette" because there is no tobacco in them. More and more, PVs are no longer looking like cigarettes and have developed their own culture that is completely separate from tobacco use.

So if someone asks you "what is that you are smoking?" Here are a few things you might say:

1) "It's a nicotine inhaler."
-This is one of my favorite responses. There is no confusion here. Merely inhaling nicotine cannot really be confused with smoking it. It gives off the feeling that it is some sort of medicinal device.

2) "It's an electronic cigarette."
-Not a bad response either. One guy once replied to me, "Damn, even cigarettes have gone digital now!"

3) "It's a vaporizer"
-This is okay, but people often ask me, "So can you smoke weed out of it?"

4) "It's an e-cigarette"
-This is what I get: "Wait... you're smoking ecstasy?"

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