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Moving beyond nicotine?

Looks like companies are trying to capitalize on the potential to vaporize other substances besides nicotine in their e-cigs. Theoretically, you can vape just about any drug; it just has to be in the right form.

From the article:

Ads for the new product seemingly invite users not only to violate laws against smoking generally in public places, but also laws against the use of marijuana itself, suggesting that you can now smoke weed in public without attracting attention: "the latest buzz in the pot world: Vapor Rush . . . Vapor Rush is a new way to smoke bud that allows you to smoke anywhere without a lighter, smell, shake, smoke and unwanted attention."  Users are invited to get high from "three different varieties [of marijuana]: haze, bliss and rush . . .taken from potent sativa and indica strains of cannabis."

Hmmm, it seems that this could be a potential setback for e-cigarettes. If people begin seeing them as a hippy-stoner drug delivery device, then it could incite protest towards e-cigarettes. However, there is huge potential for those who enjoy smoking marijuana.And to make things even more complicated (or more stupid), these companies are trying to sell devices that are designed for smoking weed. I'm calling bullshit on this one. I would think that vaping bud out of a prodigy v3 or a mod would be the best way to go. Furthermore, the website claims that the user can buy cartridges at their local dispensary. Based on my research, I have yet to find a dispensary that sells these cartriges. The best that one can do is make their own marijuana e-liquid. For example, form doing a google search, I found that users have successfully vaped marijuana out of an e-cig for quite some time:

One user from the grasscity forums posted this:

hash oil tends to clog my atomizer. But if you dont mind cleaning it your self and taking the risk (ie have a spare on hand) give it a try it gets you high.

The better solution i have found is to dissolve the oil in a glycerine tincture similar to the diy e-liquids. I put 1 tsp glycerine to 1/2 gram of oil to maintain potency. I use a coffe warmer to heat it to speed the mixture. This still clogs the atomizer eventually but no more then standard e-liquids in my opinion.

In conclusion, people have been experimenting with the potential to combine hash oil with a substance like Propylene glycol. 

With marijuana legalization up on the ballots in California next election, it might be yet another idea that e-cig companies can capitalize on. But it is not yet clear whether or not this is a good or bad thing for the world of vapes and the public's acceptance of e-cigs.

07/02/2010 17:56

What about e-cigs with caffeine in them? Could be a way for users to consolidate their stimulant addictions.

06/12/2012 03:46

i hope these e-cigarette is more beneficial for those who wants to stop smoking.this is same as the normal cigarette but with zero nicotin.


Users are invited to get high from "three different varieties [of marijuana]: haze, bliss and rush . . .taken from potent sativa and indica strains of cannabis.


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