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Here's an excerpt from a "news" article I found about electronic cigarettes:

MIAMI, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the concept was first developed almost seven years ago, Green Smoke has capitalized on advances in technology to develop its patented design and catapult the electronic cigarette into the global market, as consumer awareness and demand increases.

electronic cigarette is a personal, battery-operated vaporizer that mimics traditional cigarettes offering smokers interested in switching an array of benefits.

When the product was first introduced, it generally had heavy batteries that did not hold a charge well. The shape and design resembled that of a pen with a slick plastic surface. The quality and consistency of the smoke volume and nicotine delivery system also varied. Moreover, every time users wanted to refill their e cigarettes they had to juggle several small components, including the atomizer (the part of the device that produces the vapor), a liquid nicotine solution, the battery, and other mouth piece components.


Although it should be obvious to the educated customer, a lot of e-cig companies are putting out fake news through companies like PR Newswire. This is certainly not anything new. A ton of companies have done fake news ad campaigns. Ads like "natural sexual enhancement" have shown up in magazines for years that feign authenticity.

However, the problem is that in the e-cigarette world, we get a dispraportionate amount of fake news and it's hard to break through all the clutter. Most of the news is what we already know. E-cigs are a safer alternative to cigarettes, they don't smell, you save money... you know the story. But companies like BluCig, puresmoke (not to be confused with puresmoker) and gamucci purport that their product is somehow patented and innovative.

People in the know (mainly people who browse realize that all this is just marketing and branding. In reality, there are about three standard atomizers that are all produced in china. Companies repackage and rebrand the chinese-made products into something chic, stylish, fashionable, and avant-garde when in reality, they are overpricing their products and providing shitty customer service.

I've heard many bad stories about e-cig websites (i'll come up with a comprehensive list soon) in which customers get stuck on some sort of subscription-model service in which they are shipped overpriced catridges. Also, many people's first introduction to e-cigs is at malls, in which some uneducated salesman tries to wheedle people into buying their $100 crappy e-cigs that break in about a week.

So I'm urging all vapers to get educated and be wary of fake news. This post is a rant, and I am not yet informing the reader of which brands to buy/avoid (save that for a post to come shortly). Get educated, read the forums, and tell your friends.
9/23/2012 10:03:44 pm

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