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Theres so many brands on the market right now. Which ones are the ripoffs? Sometimes the line is unclear. And other times it's obvious. Let's take a look at an obvious rip-off:

Prado Electronic Cigarettes

First off, here's a shot from their website:
If that doesn't look like an obvious rip-off, then I don't know what is. It looks like a fucking pron website, gambling website, or something else that will take your money with little return.

Their website title is That really sounds like a porn website and has nothing to do with e cigs. Also, wtf is up with the "hot chick". Looks fucking ridiculous.

A few more annoying things about their website:

-When you try to navigate away from it, a pop-up notification asks, "Are you sure you want to leave th website?!?!?"
-There is no store. You have to fill out personal information before you can do anything. You can't even see their products
-The youtube video on the bottom right corner of the screen
-The appeal to authority: "Dr. Sanjay Gupta Chief Medical Correspondent of CNN says, "This is becoming quite popular! Nicotine in and of itself is used to help people stop smoking..."and... "We had somebody who's a smoker try this and they were actually pretty surprised at how much it did feel like smoking, you do have the device that looks like a cigarette, your putting it to your mouth and puffing it like a cigarette. ..he was actually really surprised at how much it felt like a cigarette."

The sad thing is that google searches for Prado e-cigs result in mostly ripoff reports for the devices, such as this one:When I called to complain and discuss returning the ECIG4FREE. They actually laughed. No Returns, No Free Trial. I received the Prado cigarette with no instructions or booklet of any kind. No receipt. I had to figure out how to put it together. I received it Feb. 20, 2010. on Saturday. Today is Feb. 23, 2010 Tuesday.

Order placed 1/25/2010 $9.90 Charged to my account. FREE Trial 30 days on the website. 10 days according to Jake, the minute your credit card is approved.

NO Refunds. No Returns. They told me not to waste my time or shipping costs returning the product, they would only return it to me. The first charge was $9.90 then 2/12/10 they charged $149,000 to my card. 2/19/10 they hit my card again for $69.90.  They told me that I could not refund the product I have not even received yet. Or remove the charge.

 Today is the first day I tried and it taste bad, the cigarette is heavy and no way would even resemble a cigarette.

I thought it would help with trying to cut back. Wrong! It has a terrible taste and what part of any of this is a Free Trial?

Total Charges $229.70 I just hope the letter I sent will stop future charges. They sent refill cartridges according to Jake, that I have not received yet. But, I was billed for them and could not cancel, return, or void.

I think a lesson to all of us that would like to try something for Free should understand it will be at great cost in the end. If you think you can try it for free! Remmber, NOTHING IS FREE!

I guess the good thing is that it looks like they actually shipped the device to this poor guy. If you are looking to buy an e-cig that is not a ripoff, I suggest start reading up and getting educated on a place such as an online forum, in which people are not motivated by money (usually) to push a product.
7/2/2010 10:53:16 am

We should bring our V3's too the mall and do a side-by-side comparision.

9/17/2012 05:33:42 pm

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

12/9/2014 04:28:08 pm

Theres so many brands on the market right now. Which ones are the ripoffs? Sometimes the line is unclear. And other times it's obvious. Let's take a look at an obvious rip-off:


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