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My first review starts off with the new puresmoker prodigy availible at Please note that I am in no way affiliated with puresmoker or any other e-cig vendor that I may discuss on this website.

Many vapers may have heard of this device before. It's the third model of puresmoker's prodigy series. For those of you who have not heard of the prodigys, they are referred to as a "mod" because they vape at a higher voltage than ordinary e-cigarettes and were originally custom built by individual users, rather than in a large factory. The Prodigy series is a better-known mod that is made entirely in the US (except the atomizer).

Unlike regular e-cigs, the prodigy takes 2 lithium ion batteries, yielding a far superior battery life than most e-cigs. I can take this thing to work and it will last all day.

In terms of vapor production, the prodigy v3 is a beast. If you even lightly press the button (which is at the bottom of the device) even for about a second, you will get vapor equivalent to a 2-3 second press on a typical e-cig.

Theres not a lot to say. It's easily one of the best mods availible. It looks awesome. People keep telling me that it looks like some sort of gun part, whereas some other mods look more like a vibrator.

Despite its good looks, its still relatively low-profile and has a truly minimal design. The button has a built-in locking mechanism that prevents accidental misfires in your pocket.

The prodigy v3 is not quite a perfect device. Sometimes the connection becomes weak between the button, screw, and battery resulting in noticeably poor vapor production. This can all be fixed with proper care and maintenance that is all outlined from puresmoker.

Also, the v3 is not for everyone. Without modding the device, the V3 only vapes at 6 volts, which to some, can ruin the flavor of the vape. It also can seem overly harsh, especially with high nicotine juice.

If you are in search of a top mod vaping high-voltage experience, for 118 bux for the full kit (comes with spare batteries, charger, atomizer) then look no further than the v3.
1/14/2015 11:10:13 pm

I actually still have one of these and am vaping with it at this very moment. lol

7/17/2018 01:50:39 am

I am so grateful for your updating that it provides me more information and more ideas.


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