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e-cigs becoming mainstream?
It looks like my favorite convenient store chain has began stocking e-cigs. They advertise it as both e-cigarettes and e-hookah. The ones they are selling are made by a company called "xhale". Their website is

Of course, when I saw these ads I was very very skeptical. My first inclination is that any e-cig that isn't purchased through a reputable online vendor is a rip-off. But I (stupidly) broke my last spare atty and the replacements were coming in two days. I had one of three options:

1) Switch back to analogs
2) go cold-turkey
3) buy a temporary e-cig

I remembered seeing the 7-11 ads so I decided to give the xhale a try. At only 20 bux, i felt I couldnt really go wrong.

The xhale o2 came in a cute little box about that was very compact as you can see in the above image.
Everything is neatly packaged. I really like the design for their usb charger. No cables, no hassle. If you are using a laptop this works especially well.

Now onto the review:

1) Taste: First of all, the cartridges that came with the device were horrible. They produced very little vapor and had an inaccurate tobacco taste that just tasted kind of burnt. Luckily, I quickly pulled out my own stash of e-liquid and tried dripping. The default carts are so bad and overpriced that I think a lot of people wouldn't bother purchasing refills and would just give up on ecigs on the spot.

2) Vapor production: not bad at all while using my own juice. Pretty much the standard amount of vapor out of any other 3.7 volt device, which is great considering this thing only costs 20 bux.

3) battery life: This thing comes with an automatic battery that is actually quite good. It probably lasts longer than most 510 devices. A user from the e-cigarette forums said this:

"I got one of these (xhale 02) about a week ago and have been using it while my 510 and m401 lay motionless. The battery life's way better than the 510 (not saying much, I know)"

Conclusion: While the xhale o2 is by no means amazing, it is good value for $20. If you use your own e-liquid it performs quite well, but the carts that 7-11 carries are horrible. If they could provide liquid for dripping, people might actually be happier with their xhale devices. It is a decent backup or starter device and not a rip-off like the ones you see in malls or even many smoke/head shops.
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